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Considering going to the Brazil meeting 
Any advantage in joining ? and how? 

Richard Hosking 

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	Hi Sam,


	Can you please clarify what is happening to the existing Board. Is it
dissolving completely or are some members remaining or…?


	It seems that at least some are renominating.







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	Hi All and Happy New Year


	Apologies for being away and not getting to this sooner. I am a full
time clinician at present! Due to limited resources within the
Foundation we have utilised the WildApricot software to manage our
initial membership, nomination and voting process. We have  used
the “event registration” to accept nominations which may have
caused some confusion. Koray Atalag, Pablo Pazos and Ian Mc Nicoll
have editing access to this site.


	The process is to join at http://members.openehr.org [1], await
approval (built into the software), then go to the Nominations and
Voting page. You will then be asked to provide the name of a member
(not a current Board Member) supporting your nomination and give a
brief Bio and statement of intent. 


	We are seeking nominations for 2 individual member positions on the
Management Board and for 2 Industry Partner nominees. At present we
have 4 nominations for the Individual Membership representatives:

	Shinju Kobayashi

	Silje Ljosland Bakke

	Ian McNicoll

	Diego Bosca Thomas


	This list is now public. The software adds the possibility to
restrict view (uneditable).


	There are no nominations for the Industry Partner representatives as


	It is not possible to nominate another person. Nominees must be
members, must complete the registration and their supporting member
must be an active member. Active members are visible to all
members under Contacts > Directory.


	I undertake to send out this list on a weekly basis during January.


	Hope this helps. We are, through this process, getting funds to
launch openEHR as an operational organisation. The software is not
ideal but at least we have a registration space and it links to PayPal
so we have a manageable situation. I certainly hope we will do better
in the future. I have attempted to answer as many of Erik’s points
as possible. If you want someone to stand for election to the Board,
please approach them and ask them to nominate.


	Thank you for your patience.


	Cheers, Sam Heard






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discussions [4]


	Hi and seasons greetings!


	I find the openEHR board nomination process a bit confusing and
pretty different to what I am used to in other community settings.


	When joining as an openEHR individual member you first have to wait
until your application has been approved, this might be logical in
some ways, but it means you will need to remember to get back to the
member site some days later and then do your nominations (a nomination
dropout risk).


	Also you can not even view nominations without logging in. After
logging in I did not find any list of members possible to nominate,
but after navigating around a while I found these four nominations:

	- Bosca Tomas, Diego
 - McNicoll, Ian
 - Bakke, Silje Ljosland
 - Kobayashi, Shinji

	I guess these nice persons were nominated by individual members, I
did not find any information regarding if industry members have
nominated any candidates.


	I did not find any information regarding if any of the current board
members are considered already nominated or not (I guess not, since
Ian is on the current board and has been nominated separately). 


	The strangest thing, unless I misunderstood the submission form: 

	The form is rigged primarily to nominate yourself, and it is optional
to "Include name in list of event registrants" - does that mean that
there may be people secretly nominated? Very strange at least from a
Swedish community/NGO/volunteer-org perspective.


	I would like to nominate Thomas Beale for example, can I do that? By
replacing my own name that is pre-filled in the form I guess it is
possible to nominate someone else but it is far from obvious from
form-texts regarding "your nomination" etc.


	In the community settings I am used to, the nominations are open so
that any member can nominate any member, then the nominated persons
are asked if they would accept a nomination or not, then there is a
vote among the remaining nominated persons. 


	I would suggest some changes

	- Listing all current nominations (including from both industry and
individual members) without login requirement

	- Allowing at least logged in members to see who else is a member (so
that we know who can be nominated and can encourage people to become
members if they are not listed)

	- Making it possible to nominate other people than yourself

	- Clarifying if anybody not on the visible nomination list is
considered to be nominated

	- Send out nomination reminders regularly (perhaps including a list
of the then nominated persons)


	Best regards,

	Erik Sundvall 

	Ph.D. Medical Informatics. Information Architect. Tel: +46-72-524 54
55 (or 010-1036252 in Sweden)
 LiÖ: erik.sundvall at regionostergotland.se [5] (lio.se [6] changing
name 1 Jan 2015)
 LiU: erik.sundvall at liu.se [7] http://www.imt.liu.se/~erisu/ [8]


	On Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 12:58 AM,  wrote:

	Happy Xmas everybody,


	Thank you to the new members and Industry Partners that have joined
up so far. We have three nominations for the Management Board at this
stage. Two of the companies have asked for an extension for the
joining date to allow transition to the new Calendar year. 


	The Board considered their request at the last Board meeting and
agreed. Consequently the closure date for nominations has been
extended to the 31 Jan 2015.


	Please join up by going to http://members.openehr.org [10] We need
a broad and representative group to vote for the Management Board.
Your involvement is crucial. The funds also help us with the provision
of some of the fundamentals (web site, CKM etc). 


	Have a great break over Xmas but make sure you contribute to the
MedInfo workshops by the middle of January. Keep an eye on the lists
for details.


	Looking forward to working with you all in 2015!


	Cheers, Sam


	Dr Sam Heard
 Chairman, openEHR Foundation


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