[openEHR-announce] Extension of nominations 31 Jan 2015 - and join up now.

Ian McNicoll ian.mcnicoll at oceaninformatics.com
Sun Jan 11 08:02:29 EST 2015

Hi Pablo,

I think we all agree that the current tool has some difficulties but
its real advantage is in managing the voting process in a trusted
manner. For all its deficiencies, this particular piece of software
seems to have a good reputation in terms of handling the voting
process accurately and fairly. The last thing we want to do at the
moment is to be seen to be hacking things together, with the risk of
people claiming that the process has been unfair or inaccurate.

I absolutely agree that once this process is over, the new Management
Board should review how we manage membership lists and the voting
process for the future. Perhaps this is something that the proposed
new Web committee could look at. It would certainly be good to have
things much better integrated on the main site.

For now, I would much prefer to work on better communications on the
members site and on the main site.

I think the self-nomination question is a bit of a red-herring.

As Sam has said, there is a minimum commitment that anyone nominated
(self or otherwise)  has to commit to.

They have to want to be nominated, they have to sign up as an
Individual / Industry Partner member, and they have to provide a short

I would certainly not want to be nominated publicly by someone else
until my agreement had been sought privately or otherwise

Behind the scenes I would fully expect Individual Members to be
encouraging others to nominate themselves and offer support, or for
people to seek such support and then self-nominate.

Again, it is something that can be reviewed in light of our experience
but I don't think changing from self-nomination really makes much
difference to the practicalities.



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On 10 January 2015 at 12:10, pazospablo at hotmail.com
<pazospablo at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I also understood we were nominating other people, not ourselves and was
> promoting this in the ES community asking them to join and nominate :/
> IMO self nomination is weird  because you need to ask someone to support
> your nomination. Nominating someone else is easier, we just need to ask the
> person if he/she wants to be nominated.
> About the chosen tool to hanlde this: ot os difficult to work with, from the
> user and admin perspective. IMO the same can be done just with google forms,
> that is free and widely used, and paypal directly.
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> Subject:Re: [openEHR-announce] Extension of nominations 31 Jan 2015 - and
> join up now.
> Hi Erik,Happy New Year.I agree the list of current nominees and members
> should be made moreobvious- @Sam - is this possible?I have no idea what is
> meant by 'include name in list of eventregistrants'. There is certainly no
> other  'secret' list of nomineesand current Board members are not
> automatically nominated.You are correct that self-nomination is expected. I
> am not sure thatit makes sense to nominate someone else since it would
> really requirethat person's agreement in any case. They would need to be
> registeredmembers and would need to nominate themselves, provide a bio
> etc.The nomination does need support from an existing Board member butthis
> is purely to prevent vexatious or spurious nominations. I wouldcertainly not
> expect a nomination to be rejected other than in highlyextreme
> circumstances, and I would personally be happy to supportanyone from the
> 'known' openEHR community, should they wish it.I am not aware of any
> Industry group nominations so far but understandthat these are imminent.I
> agree too that we should issue regular updates over the next weeks,along
> with lists of current nominations - we need more!Regards,IanDr Ian
> McNicolloffice +44 (0)1536 414 994fax +44 (0)1536 516317mobile +44 (0)775
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> www.openehr.org/knowledgeHonorary Senior Research Associate, CHIME, UCLSCIMP
> Working Group, NHS ScotlandBCS Primary Health Care  www.phcsg.orgOn 28
> December 2014 at 09:11, Erik Sundvall  wrote:> Hi and seasons greetings!>> I
> find the openEHR board nomination process a bit confusing and pretty>
> different to what I am used to in other community settings.>> When joining
> as an openEHR individual member you first have to wait until> your
> application has been approved, this might be logical in some ways, but> it
> means you will need to remember to get back to the member site some days>
> later and then do your nominations (a nomination dropout risk).>> Also you
> can not even view nominations without logging in. After logging in> I did
> not find any list of members possible to nominate, but after> navigating
> around a while I found these four nominations:> - Bosca Tomas, Diego> -
> McNicoll, Ian> - Bakke, Silje Ljosland> - Kobayashi, Shinji>> I guess these
> nice persons were nominated by individual members, I did not> find any
> information regarding if industry members have nominated any> candidates.>>
> I did not find any information regarding if any of the current board
> members> are considered already nominated or not (I guess not, since Ian is
> on the> current board and has been nominated separately).>> The strangest
> thing, unless I misunderstood the submission form:> The form is rigged
> primarily to nominate yourself, and it is optional to> "Include name in list
> of event registrants" - does that mean that there may> be people secretly
> nominated? Very strange at least from a Swedish> community/NGO/volunteer-org
> perspective.>> I would like to nominate Thomas Beale for example, can I do
> that? By> replacing my own name that is pre-filled in the form I guess it is
> possible> to nominate someone else but it is far from obvious from
> form-texts> regarding "your nomination" etc.>> In the community settings I
> am used to, the nominations are open so that any> member can nominate any
> member, then the nominated persons are asked if they> would accept a
> nomination or not, then there is a vote among the remaining> nominated
> persons.>> I would suggest some changes> - Listing all current nominations
> (including from both industry and> individual members) without login
> requirement> - Allowing at least logged in members to see who else is a
> member (so that> we know who can be nominated and can encourage people to
> become members if> they are not listed)> - Making it possible to nominate
> other people than yourself> - Clarifying if anybody not on the visible
> nomination list is considered to> be nominated> - Send out nomination
> reminders regularly (perhaps including a list of the> then nominated
> persons)>> Best regards,> Erik Sundvall>> Ph.D. Medical Informatics.
> Information Architect. Tel: +46-72-524 54 55 (or> 010-1036252 in Sweden)>
> LiÖ: erik.sundvall at regionostergotland.se (lio.se changing name 1 Jan 2015)>
> LiU: erik.sundvall at liu.se http://www.imt.liu.se/~erisu/>>> On Tue, Dec 23,
> 2014 at 12:58 AM,  wrote:>>>> Happy Xmas everybody,>>>> Thank you to the new
> members and Industry Partners that have joined up so>> far. We have three
> nominations for the Management Board at this stage. Two>> of the companies
> have asked for an extension for the joining date to allow>> transition to
> the new Calendar year.>>>> The Board considered their request at the last
> Board meeting and agreed.>> Consequently the closure date for nominations
> has been extended to the 31>> Jan 2015.>>>> Please join up by going to
> http://members.openehr.org We need a broad and>> representative group to
> vote for the Management Board. Your involvement is>> crucial. The funds also
> help us with the provision of some of the>> fundamentals (web site, CKM
> etc).>>>> Have a great break over Xmas but make sure you contribute to the
> MedInfo>> workshops by the middle of January. Keep an eye on the lists for
> details.>>>> Looking forward to working with you all in 2015!>>>> Cheers,
> Sam>>>> Dr Sam Heard>> Chairman, openEHR Foundation>>>>>>
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