C-CDA was created because they do not know openEHR? :)

pablo pazos pazospablo at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 19 21:19:24 EST 2015

Just for the sake of discussion, 

See slides 22 and 23:

"As disparate SDOs (HL7, IHE, HITSP, etc.) developed CDA IGs, multiple approaches for documenting template requirements began to diverge threatening interoperability…"
IG = Implementation Guide
So my wild guess is they created a new artifact with the same problems the current artifacts have, like the need for an IG, instead of doing a little research and find a better solution like using archetypes to model and "consolidate" CDA templates.

Does anyone know more about CCDA? Do you think this is a good area of work for openEHR in the US? I mean, maybe we (as a community) can propose an openEHR-based solution or make some kind of statement, for documental consolidation than having another implementation guide + CDA templates.
What do you think?

Kind regards,
Eng. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez
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