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It's an absolute joy to see those green ticks popping up on CKM - well done Heather et al. and all contributors!



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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know the wiki pages for the archetype sprint have been updated today.

We are very privileged to have an extraordinary team of volunteer reviewers who have participated to date.

As a result of their collective efforts, 5 archetypes have been published in just the past week - the culmination of months of effort and collaboration across 3 CKMs (in a number of cases) and an extraordinary effort from each one of our dedicated reviewers. Take a look at the latest, shiny published archetypes for:

*        Procedure<>

*        Problem/Diagnosis<>

*        Goal<>

*        Recommendation<>

*        Report<>
Plus Problem List<> & Story/History<> published since mid May

The FHIR Adverse Reaction archetype proceeds, despite at a slower pace than we'd prefer, but it is on the move again and the current review round is due for completion on July 3.

The summary of the sprint can be viewed here:

The details are here:

Thanks to everyone involved



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