openEHR specifications - the future is Asciidoctor + MagicDraw?

ANASTASIOU A. a.anastasiou at
Fri Jul 3 05:56:02 EDT 2015

Hello Thomas

This is looking really good and much more usable and lite than shifting 
through PDFs.

Just a small suggestion / question.

Will it be possible to have (possibly automatically updated from a 
single model) syntax diagrams for ADL / AQL?

A first step for AQL can be found at:

Some progress has also been made towards EBNF for ADL at:

Both of these attempts to map the languages were made with the view of 
creating syntax diagrams which are immensely useful when trying to 
provide the bigger picture to people with minimal technical background.

The ADL EBNF hit some snags because of various differences in the 
definitions across different files but in general, it is a 
straightforward task.

Happy to join forces if something like this is already underway.

All the best
Athanasios Anastasiou

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