openEHR specifications - the future is Asciidoctor + MagicDraw?

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Fri Jul 3 06:10:49 EDT 2015


excellent suggestion. I haven't even looked at building in syntax 
diagrams right now, but your timing is perfect - I was contemplating how 
to put the ADL grammar into the new style spec in a nice way. Currently 
grammar is generated as an HTML page (as per links on this wiki page 
which is ok, but the source file is not in a re-usable form (it's a .y 
file containing Eiffel code - but it would be the same problem with any 
language like Java or C etc) and the lexer files are also not re-usable 
or easily publishable.

So we need to solve this in a way that makes the lexer and parser 
grammar files primary, and then all other files based on them. All of 
this goes for AQL as well.

Both ADL and AQL grammars can undoubtedly be improved - there is not 
only one grammar for a language - so making changes for computability 
doesn't have to break the language definition. I suspect that if we can 
get some optimal grammars sorted out for Antlr, they will become the 
'primary files' for these languages in the ecosystem. Shinji is also 
after the same thing, and I think has done some work on ADL grammar for 

So we need to do some work here, and your work looks like a good 
starting point.

As soon as we have a few more gremlins sorted out in the main toolchain, 
I'll get myself up to speed on your and Shinji's work here and hopefully 
we can create a solution which I think then really will make for a 
powerful models+documentation+programming toolchain.

- thomas

On 03/07/2015 10:56, ANASTASIOU A. wrote:
> Hello Thomas
> This is looking really good and much more usable and lite than 
> shifting through PDFs.
> Just a small suggestion / question.
> Will it be possible to have (possibly automatically updated from a 
> single model) syntax diagrams for ADL / AQL?
> A first step for AQL can be found at:
> Some progress has also been made towards EBNF for ADL at:
> Both of these attempts to map the languages were made with the view of 
> creating syntax diagrams which are immensely useful when trying to 
> provide the bigger picture to people with minimal technical background.
> The ADL EBNF hit some snags because of various differences in the 
> definitions across different files but in general, it is a 
> straightforward task.
> Happy to join forces if something like this is already underway.

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