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Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Tue Jun 9 04:37:51 EDT 2015

Yes - please don't vote higher than 10.

These questions are 'example' questions - this is the community testing 
phase of StackExchange. I'm not sure if the questions get trashed later 
on or not, but we have to assume for now that they are used solely for 
gauging community size and interest.

We now have 64 followers total - that's what is needed; we still need 27 
questions with a score of 10. We already have 13 with >=10; and we have 
a total of 34 questions.

So we need (at least):

  * 21 of the remaining questions to get a score of 10
  * 6 new questions with 10 votes each

We probably need a bit more than this, since as Seref says, a few 
questions may get removed by the StackExchange reviewers.

*Voting for questions you would not personally be interested in is ok *- 
we just need to up the scores - please use all your votes!

- thomas

On 09/06/2015 08:32, Seref Arikan wrote:
> To all who are helping with this: there are questions with upvotes > 
> 10. I think this is a waste of your upvotes; we need to get as many as 
> possible to 10, upvoting beyond 10 does not help with our goal of 
> creating an openEHR area.
> Also, some of the questions do not comply with Q&A format; generic 
> discussions can be problematic if someone reviews them. Again, these 
> would be waste of upvotes.

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