openEHR @ StackExchange - getting close

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Wed Jun 10 18:56:35 EDT 2015

We are getting closer 
<>to the next 
step. We have 76 followers.

We still need 17 questions with 10 votes. We have the requisite number 
of questions, it's just a case of people using their votes on them 
(don't worry if they don't really interest you, they are example 
questions - to get a stackexchange site, the community has to 
demonstrate interest).

Many of the questions with < 10 votes do have some votes, so we probably 
need a total of about 120 up-votes to get through this stage. I think 
each user gets 5 votes, so that's equivalent to 24 users.

Remember, there is no value in up-voting a question that already has 10 
or more votes.

- thomas
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