nearly there - openEHR @ StackExchange - 2 questions to go

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Mon Jun 15 13:30:16 EDT 2015

If anyone has any votes left (each user has 5), here is what to do:

  * login to the openEHR Area51 StackExchange page
  * find the two questions with < 10 votes (currently on 6 and 8) - near
    the bottom of the page - and UPVOTE them
  * please DO NOT DOWNVOTE anything

In theory *this requires 4 users*, since each user can only vote once 
per question, so to get the question with 6 to 10, that's 4 distinct users.

Please don't try downvoting other Questions with > 10 to upvote those 
with less - as far as I can make out on the Area51 discussion lists this 
is not seen as a good sign by the StackExchange Admins...

- thomas

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