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Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Mon Jun 15 18:24:23 EDT 2015

We did it... but did I mention that it's only phase 1? Those of you who 
looked carefully will have realised that getting your own stackexchange 
area isn't easy <>. But - let's see how 
we go.

We are now in the 'commit' phase, which means gathering enough people 
who commit to using the site (as questioners, answerers, commenters). 
*Anyone who signed up already can commit*, which will give us over 50%.

The commitment score is the minimum of three scores:

  * % /*200 committers in total*
  * % /*100 committers with 200+ rep on any other site*
  * % - commitment score, based on *committers' activity on all other
    sites *and how old the commitment is

These numbers keep changing obviously. We would need to hit 100% on all 
of these to qualify. As you can see, it means not only a lot of 
committers, but a lot of *committers who use other StackExchange sites 
<>*. There are lots of sites, but one that 
may be of interest is the new Healthcare IT proposal site 
<>. But 
your activity on Beer, Arduino, Philosophy or Mythology will also help;-)

If we get past this phase, then we are in an operational beta phase when 
we can use the facility normally.

- thomas

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