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Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Fri Jun 19 14:18:14 EDT 2015

To succeed with, the committers phase needs 
200 total. We particularly *need people who want to ask questions* to 
commit (do it here 

Secondly, 50% of those committers need 200+ reputation on any other 
StackExchange site. You can see all the sites here 

  * For IT devs and other techies, geek docs etc,  I recommend you make
    sure you are always logged in when using StackOverflow, ServerFault
    etc which you probably already do - just be a bit more active in
    commenting, asking questions etc, and you'll get 20 rep in no time
  * For clinical people, and other non-IT, consider joining another
    StackExchange site (Physics, Homebrewing, Tor, Community Building,
    Lifehacks, ....) and start posting questions and answers. I joined a
    few - it is actually worth it to learn how StackExchange works.

Let's give it a proper go before giving in and looking elsewhere for a 
way to do openEHR Q&A!

- thomas

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