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Heather Leslie heather.leslie at oceaninformatics.com
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Hi everyone,

If you've been following @openEHRCKM on twitter in the past couple of days, you will have noticed a flurry of activity.

After many years of experimentation, we have finally devised a solid base pattern for the physical exam findings family of archetypes. This is a massive piece of work if we are to attempt to structure recording/persistence/querying of all clinical examination in a way that allows clinical flexibility and fractal examination processes. You can see our base archetype pattern here: http://bit.ly/1HfuDYX. The intent is to build a specific archetype for each examination concept and to gradually extend the general pattern with specific data elements as they are identified clearly in clinical requirements.

The project to which all exam-related archetypes will gradually be added is here: http://www.openehr.org/ckm/#showProject_1013.30.25.

This work has been done in conjunction with Ian McNicoll (over years) and most recently with Silje Bakke and John Tore Valand from the Norwegian CKM team. Most recently it has been driven by requirements by DIPS for a sexual health clinic system to be implemented in Oslo.

Our intent is to develop a mind map that will help identify the exam concepts that will require archetypes to be developed, based on this exam pattern, and I hope to upload this to the Project soon. I will send a notification as soon as this is available, and this will help others to join in the archetype development process aligned with the pattern and the proposed granularity required to enable examination modelling that represents the fractal and complex requirements that we have identified out in 'the real world'.

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