How to fix CKM biggest issue

Gustavo Bacelar gbacelar at
Wed Mar 11 05:54:12 EDT 2015

Dear all,
I would like to suggest some very important changes for governance model of
CKM. As you all know, CKM is a keystone to openEHR, but its actual
governance model is outdated and holds the development and inclusion of new

As long as I know there are only 2 main editors that can import any type of
archetypes to CKM. I'm an editor too, but I can only import to
Ophthalmology Project and some other Incubators. The inclusion of new
archetypes can not depend on only 2-3 people. It is a huge constraint to
the development of openEHR, we must have more main editors.

What I propose is to follow a governance model similar to Wikipedia. It
should be possible to anyone to submit archetypes, but these would be in a
sandbox, which already exists: the Incubators. These would stimulate other
participants of CKM to develop new archetypes and to improve them much
faster. When an archetype is sufficiently mature, an editor would include
it to public use.

Kind regards
Gustavo Bacelar
MD + MBA + MSc Med Informatics
Skype: gustavobacela
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