Clinical Modeling - A critical analysis

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Wed Mar 11 11:50:35 EDT 2015

Le 11/03/2015 13:41, Thomas Beale a écrit :
> In that case, I suggest a starting point is to dig out the original 
> article and come up with a framework /headings for an article that 
> properly addresses the same questions, providing evidence from the 
> many projects around the place (I meant to mention Linkoping, and I 
> see Mikael Nystrom has chimed in). I would suggest an off-list email 
> loop for this.
> - thomas

Hi all,

Being myself pretty "ontology based", and maybe more prone to understand 
what Blobel meant (understanding isn't approving ;-) ), I would be glad 
to be part of this group writing process.

Typical question that could be asked, since we all "tell stories" in 
natural language by making sentences made of words arranged according to 
a grammar (but grammatical concepts are nowhere inside our sentences), 
is why should we need an external structure such as the one present 
inside the Archetypes to "tell a patient health journey"?

Answer may be that there is no universal/commonly agreed ontology and 
"grammar"... but the structure that compensates for this as a 
"grammatical exoskeleton" could appear somewhat dated would the web 2.0 
provide patient centered languages.


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