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Hi there,

I'm a little confused about the 
"openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.braden_scale-child.v1" aka "Modified Braden Q 
Scale" at the openEHR CKM. I would have expected some explanations in 
the header what has been modified in comparison to the non-modified 
Braden Q Scale. In fact, it looks mostly like the common Braden Scale 
expect from an upper boundary on the "Braden Total Score" of 20 instead 
of 23. As the elements are the same as in the Braden Scale Archetype, I 
would expect the upper bound to be at 23, too...this just doesn't seem 

At the same time, I expected the "Modified Braden Q Scale" to have the 
"tissue perfusion" element.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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