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My point of no EHR implementations is supported again by your answer. Yes there are many CKM instances and archetype developing projects.

I followed your link to who is using...

I SEE NO REFERENCE to a hospital I can visit running an EHR using archetypes. Similarly No GP or No nursing system in your list. It all seem to be pilots and trials or systems with viewers and partial functionality.

Please see this page -

The second column is the name of the hospital, health authority, or other provider that is using an openEHR system. The only entries on this page are real contracted systems, no demonstrations.

Row 1 happens to mention 140 hospitals. Row 2 mentions 50 GP sites. If you don't want to visit Australia, fair enough...
·         Most hospitals in Norway now have openEHR in some form, via DIPS Arena.
·         Ljubljana Medical Centre is the Marand Think!EHR system, fully openEHR.
·         Slovenia's national e-health network is openEHR
·         Moscow's health record system is openEHR (recently transitioned from pilot to production project)
·         Code24 has systems in Netherlands and I think in Romania.
·         etc

Hopefully this is clear now.

- Thomas
Sorry to jump in late on this. I need to check some facts with teams at Cambio. To add to Thomas' list of openEHR archetypes-based systems:

1.       openEHR archetypes-based Cambio COSMIC 8.1 has been delivered to our Swedish customer for testing, and will be rolled out to 8 regions (30% of Swedish EHR market) this year and onwards. Keep in mind some of these deployments are among the largest in Europe covering more than half million population with one instance that covers entire healthcare delivery across primary care centres, regional hospitals and University hospital.

2.       More excitingly (for more sophisticated use of archetypes), our new Clinical Decision Support product line is built entirely based on openEHR archetypes and Guideline Definition Language (GDL). Last year, our Stroke Prevention CDS application has been tested successfully at 5 clinics in Östergötland. The CDS products will be gradually deployed to our Swedish regions from this year.

I will make sure that the above update included on the main openEHR web site.

Best regards,

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