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If someone is interested in and would like to have some inspiration from how different IHTSDO member countries have dealt with translations of SNOMED CT descriptions ("terms"), the documents "Translation Guidelines" and "Translation Management Guidelines" can be found at the address . (I guess that openEHR doesn't have similar documents?)


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At the Norwegian CKM, we've been doing quite extensive translation of international (English language) archetypes into Norwegian. During this process, we're finding more and more translation isn't a one-person job, but usually there's a primary translator and one or more secondary translators. As of now there seems to be only one field in which to put translator information, so to attribute more than one person as the archetype translator, we need to put more than one name, organisation, etc into the same fields. This sort of works, but it's not exactly elegant. Is there a better way to do this, either right now or in the works?

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