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Grahame Grieve grahame at
Sat Mar 14 02:25:20 EDT 2015

hi Heather

We are attempting to work with the FHIR/HL7 patient care team for the
> Adverse Reaction archetype at the moment. At present the review is
> effectively stalled while Grahame is trying to harness a collective
> response. This has been the situation since mid November and unfortunately
> rapidly becoming an unworkable proposition.
There are three different problems here
* I personally overcommitted in this regard. I should have been pro-active
in this process, and I regret that I didn't
* it's hard to impose arbitrary deadlines on a continuous process
* it's erroneous to think that the communications in a joint process are
all one way. Ian has been involved in the HL7 discussions, but I have
missed you from the process

It would be disappointing if we couldn't keep things together from here.
Not only is it a nice position, the joint work has proven robust against
criticism, but not beyond change proposals, and there are a few. In
particular, I think that we need to invest in more work on the way negation
works; I have a bunch of research on negation in the real world to bring
together and contribute, hopefully next week.

In terms of rectification, it would certainly help to remove me from the
loop  - to find someone else to catalyse the interaction from the HL7 side.

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