Request for help with a study "Investigating the resources available for novice openEHR clinician modelers"

Dmitri Wall dmitri.wall at
Mon Mar 16 10:31:34 EDT 2015

Dear All,
  I hope this is an ok ask.

  My name is Dmitri Wall & I'm a specialist registrar in dermatology
(Ireland) who is also learning to be an openEHR modeler.  I'm using this
experience to describe the clinician's role in developing archetypes as
part of a Masters in Health Informatics.  I then hope to use this to
encourage more clinicians to become actively engaged in the archetype
development process.

  The help and welcome I have received from a number of people within the
openEHR community has already been fantastic and very gratefully received,
so I hope it's not too much to ask for a little more help from the wider
community.  I would be extremely grateful if you could complete an
anonymous, short Survey Monkey survey that aims to identify the resources
available for novice openEHR clinician modelers, based on the knowledge of
the openEHR clinical modelling community.  If  you're feeling really
generous, maybe you could ask your relevant colleagues to do the same!

  The first page of the survey presents an information sheet and consent
form for participants' information and their own records.  These must be
acknowledged to proceed, but do not need to be printed & signed.  The
following questions are anonymous and participants will be asked to note
their background (clinical, technical or other) and to provide up to 10
resources that the feel would be useful to novice clinical modelers.  They
will be asked to describe the type of resource (dropdown menu), their
importance (5-point Likert scale) and provide a link where
possible/relevant. The information gathered from this study will be offered
to the openEHR community with the hope that participants knowledge benefits
the openEHR organisation.  (

Many thanks in advance,
Kind regards,
Dmitri Wall.....archetype novice.
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