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Tue Mar 17 07:14:04 EDT 2015

Sebastian Garde wrote:

There is also an older related issue on the specs tracker
This issue highlights some potential problems as well, but doesn't have a clear solution yet.

I believe it should be considered at the same time.

Hmmm, yes, 2009 ... that is old. Here’s another oldie that we never got around to acting on as well. It talks about needing to know who the terminologist was ...
(Inaccessible to non-Ocean people, and probably most Ocean people would have lost their logins to this old Jira issue tracker too) …

  1.  Archetype Editor<>
  2.  EDT-591<>

Need ability to enhance the archetype translator details and to add a Terminologist doing the bindings

21/Jan/10 7:25 PM

Need ability to add Terminologist to the Archetype and enhance the metadata about the Translator to cater for CKM requirements re identifying the primary people doing the initial authoring of the translation/binding plus those who contribute to the reviews of translations/bindings
These requirements are becoming a high priority in CKM development

- Peter
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