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Hi Grahame,

We very much understand that you are being pulled in gazillions of directions at present with the explosion of FHIR on all fronts (excuse the pun - I’m sure you’re used to them now) but we are all trying to respond to the needs of our respective communities.

I too would be extremely disappointed if this collaboration had to be abandoned. We have been so pleased to see this collaboration start off so well, and it really is ground breaking for many reasons. However, from a practical point of view, our last review was completed at end of November and we have been very patient while waiting for your end to be ready to proceed. The patience is not so unreasonably now evolving to some impatience, I guess.

We are happy to explore all alternatives to try to progress this in a timely manner for all parties – please suggest an approach and a timeframe. We have all our reviewers ready and looking forward to ongoing participation.

If the worst happens and we can’t continue with this particular model, the progress that we have made to date will go a long way to ensure that the majority of the Adverse Reaction archetype and FHIR resource are well aligned, especially in the areas most critical and relevant to support interoperability at this time. And of course we can all learn from the experience such that when we look to do this next time we might all be wiser and clearer in how to manage it for all stakeholders.☺

BTW I’m not sure how many openEHR email listers are aware of the HL7 conversations that you refer to. Ian and I certainly drop in on them on occasions, but we don’t regularly monitor them. If you’d like this community to participate, perhaps an invitation on behalf would encourage an active joint participation.

Kind regards


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hi Heather

We are attempting to work with the FHIR/HL7 patient care team for the Adverse Reaction archetype at the moment. At present the review is effectively stalled while Grahame is trying to harness a collective response. This has been the situation since mid November and unfortunately rapidly becoming an unworkable proposition.
There are three different problems here
* I personally overcommitted in this regard. I should have been pro-active in this process, and I regret that I didn't
* it's hard to impose arbitrary deadlines on a continuous process
* it's erroneous to think that the communications in a joint process are all one way. Ian has been involved in the HL7 discussions, but I have missed you from the process

It would be disappointing if we couldn't keep things together from here. Not only is it a nice position, the joint work has proven robust against criticism, but not beyond change proposals, and there are a few. In particular, I think that we need to invest in more work on the way negation works; I have a bunch of research on negation in the real world to bring together and contribute, hopefully next week.

In terms of rectification, it would certainly help to remove me from the loop  - to find someone else to catalyse the interaction from the HL7 side.


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