one-to-many term bindings in archetypes

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Sun Mar 29 13:15:51 EDT 2015

I was reviewing some archetypes and on the "term_bindings" section there are always one-to-one bindings.I think we can have many codes in one terminology corresponding to one at code in the archetype, e.g. in the blood pressure archetype we have:
term_bindings = <

       ["SNOMED-CT"] = <

              items = <

                     ["at0000"] =
<[SNOMED-CT(2003)::163020007]> -- Blood Pressure
Looking for the 163020007 code in SNOMED, that corresponds to "On Examination Blood Pressure Reading"
There is another concept "Blood pressure taking" that IMO also can correspond to the concept in the archetype.
Depending no context, some may use the first code, others may use the second.
Is this approach right? Should we support one-to-many term bindings in archetypes?
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