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    Thanks Sam, that would be awesome!
I dont have a lot of OPTs to test, neither realistic data for those. It would be great if you can help me in those areas. My idea is to build some OPTs that represent a very simple clinical scenario, like a GP visit. I have starter with a very basic Encouter OPT. I can create a aimple EMR to input data for those OPTs and commit to the EHRServer, then create queries over the integrated data in the EHR.
What do you think?
Kind regarda,Pablo.
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This is a welcome addition to the openEHR community effort. You have been a great proponent of this approach and I can see that you have made a lot of progress towards realising an open source service. I am sure this will capture interest from a lot of technical people. 
I am inclined to join your effort with input from the clinical perspective and I hope you will keep me informed of any developments or issues you would value clinical input.
Cheers, Sam

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Dear friends,
I'm happy to share with you that our openEHR EHRServer is on the cloud:
This is a pre-beta version, with no security. Anyone can play with it.
Some background info:
EHRServer is an open source, service oriented, openEHR data repository, with archetype-based querying capabilities. It can store any kind of openEHR data without the need of changing the source code or the database schema. About the technologies, EHRServer is built over Grails Framework, using Groovy and Java programming languages. The instance on the cloud is using a MySQL database.

If you want to send some data and try to query it, consider these steps:
- upload the OPT first, so the data you commit later is indexed and available for querying- OPTs should be compliant with this XSD: some OPTs are already loaded: use the commit service, see more services: committed data is sent in XML format following this XSD: examples of the XML format for the commit service:
If you need examples of apps that commit data to the server, please check: (small testing tool) (very basic EMR)
And with this app you can execute queries: (testing tool in PHP)

If you want to collaborate or if you face any issues:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,
Eng. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez 		 	   		  
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