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Thank you for the very helpful references and suggestions which I now need
to read through. I will come back with further thoughts once I have had a
chance to consider it all. 

There are some regional/national systems that have been set up to coordinate
clinical data collection for and  recruitment in to research and I want to
investigate how/what they are collecting -  I have found a presentation on
one of them making reference to openEHR. 





On 13/11/2015 13:57, Thomas Beale wrote:


Hi Matt,

Some potentially useful resources:

*	Business purpose of archetypes
ness_purpose_of_archetypes> - 1 pager on why archetypes are needed
*	UK CKM  <> - a UK clinical
models repository
*	HSCIC CKM <>  - HSCIC's clinical models
*	Modelling Tools <> 

Re: having to convert archetypes and templates into product specific
formats, this is pretty easily doable, since archetypes are highly
computable (i.e. don't rely on informal constructs or statements), and there
are a number of open source libraries for working with archetypes within
tools (e.g. adl-designer <> ,
adl2-core <> ).

If you keep an eye on this mailing list, you will get responses from
clinical modelling experts and software developers on your more specific

- thomas 

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