ACTIONs, OBSERVATIONs and procedures

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I have just had an interesting conversation with Diego during a coffee
break, and several doubts arose around the representation of procedures.

At the CKM we have an ACTION archetype to represent any type of procedures.
It is described as "A clinical activity carried out for screening,
investigative, diagnostic, curative, therapeutic, evaluative or palliative
purposes". So far, so good.

Now the doubt is about what happens when the procedure is something simple
and non-invasive that just generates an OBSERVATION. For example, a
temperature taking. Should we always have the ACTION.Procedure instance
generated together with the OBSERVATION.Temperature? Or do we just need to
record the procedure "temperature taking" as part of the protocol of the

If the answer is to have both archetype instances, then probably most
OBSERVATIONs will allways have an ACTION linked to it. If the answer is
that in some cases we only need to record the OBSERVATION with a protocol,
then we are creating a division of all the universe of procedures, as
typically defined in terminologies such as SNOMED CT.


David Moner Cano
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