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Tue Sep 29 04:41:02 EDT 2015

I don't personally have any opinion about prioritisation (there are 
obviously many factors relevant to each case), but openEHR archetypes 
are being used in:

- Australia
- Slovenia
- Norway
- Brazil
- NHS England
- Scotland NHS

under official government projects, and in those countries plus Russia, 
New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Uruguay, UK, South Korea, Switzerland, 
Poland and China in deployed solutions.

In addition, CIMI (an archetype initiative) is becoming an official part 
of HL7 and will slowly find use in the US (at least), and 13606 
archetypes are being used in Spain, Brazil, and I don't know how many 
other countries.

These locations are potential places for SNOMED to be used more (other 
than UK, arguably).

If the IHTSDO mentality is to find places where SNOMED is already being 
used and concentrate on that, that's a misunderstanding of how things 
work in the real world. Terminology gets used as an enabling tool, not a 
headline project - it's only an interesting proposition when there are 
information models and health data computing platforms & solutions in 
place that can use it.

- thomas

On 29/09/2015 09:03, Mikael Nyström wrote:
> Hi,
> My impression is that IHTSDO prioritize collaboration with organizations with products that are actively used in IHTSDO:s member countries. I guess that might be the reason why collaboration with for example WHO (ICD, ICF), Regenstrief Institute (LOINC) and International Council of Nurses (ICNP) have been prioritized in favor of openEHR. Proprietary information models are also more common than openEHR models and collaboration with the organizations (companies) behind the proprietary information models are probably done via IHTSDO's Vendor Liaison Forum.
> 	Regards
> 	Mikael

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