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Wed Dec 28 04:51:42 EST 2016

Thanks, Ian, and for you and others, off course, also best wishes.

Since I mixed myself in this discussion, I need to think about a way of 
getting out again.
So, let me explain what is reasonable from my point of view.

I think, most people will excuse Pablo for posting his project on the lists.
On the other hand, I understand the complaints of people who have paid a 
membership, about people publishing commercial projects for free.

So, this is a difficult matter.

It is not very good possible to have an open announcement list, for 
commercial purposes, it would attract spam, it would need to be moderated.
But on the other hand, commercial projects can be of the interests of 
the community. We could consider a way to make such an announcement list 
under conditions possible.

I think the Micro-Startup plan would be to heavy for incidental 
startups. 650 Euro per year is quite a lot of money for someone who is 
trying a commercial idea or someone who is in a gray area between 
commercial and community.

To summarize:
I would welcome a commercial announcement-list, strictly OpenEHR 
related, and accessible for posting for a small fee, say 50 Euro a year 
for individuals and for those already industry member, of course, for free.

Best regards

Op 28-12-2016 om 10:13 schreef Ian McNicoll:
> First of all best wishes to everyone in 2017 and congratulations to 
> Pablo.
> For clarification, the Announce list is indeed for Foundation use 
> only, and we would generally discourage postings of a commercial 
> nature on these lists.
> Having said that, I think we can cut Pablo, and other similar 
> community projects, a little slack.  I'd just ask posters to try to 
> keep the commercial aspects of any similar announcement e.g. any fees/ 
> conditions, out of the main post and just put in a link for those who 
> want to purse it.
> And, of course anyone who is moving into a more commercial space, 
> might want to consider becoming an Industry partner and taking 
> advantage of the new 'Micro Startup' rates 
> !! That allows us to give your 
> project/company much more visibility on the openEHR site and access to 
> the Industry News page.
> Ian
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> On 28 December 2016 at 08:04, Bert Verhees <bert.verhees at 
> <mailto:bert.verhees at>> wrote:
>     > there is no other way to reach the community and the announcing list is used by the openEHR
>     Foundation Board, not by community members
>     Great Pablo, congratulations. Good work. Important for the community.
>     I think this issue needs to be repaired soon. It must be the
>     Christmas period that there is no reaction from the Foundation now.
>     Best regards
>     Bert
>     Op wo 28 dec. 2016 07:18 schreef Pablo Pazos
>     <pablo.pazos at <mailto:pablo.pazos at>>:
>         Dear friends,
>         First thanks a lot for all your private emails supporting me
>         on this new challenge and for the people that believes that
>         initiatives like this one are of a great value to our
>         community, since clinical data storage is an open problem in
>         the openEHR world.
>         Some updates!
>         The website is up and running:
>         If you detect any errors please let me know.
>         It has some basic information and guides. I'll be adding more
>         guides and tech docs soon.
>         In the community section you can find client libraries I
>         created for PHP, Javascript and Groovy. Basically are helpers
>         and sample code to help you on using the EHRServer REST API.
>         If you want to create a client for another language, please
>         let me know!
>         Also there is a project called openEHR-OPT: a command line
>         tool that allows to 1. generate HTML GUI from an OPT, 2.
>         generate XML instances from an OPT (VERSION or just
>         COMPOSITION), 3. validate XML instances using the openEHR XSD.
>         All the aforementioned tools are open source, as the EHRServer
>         itself, designed & developed by me in the last couple of years.
>         For know the full documentation is the EHRServer guide that
>         can be found here:
>         <>
>         Please let me know if you have any questions.
>         Happy new year for everyone!
>         Kind regards,
>         Pablo.
>         PS: yes, I use these lists because there is no other way to
>         reach the community and the announcing list is used by the
>         openEHR Foundation Board, not by community members. I though a
>         lot about this, and I firmly believe this is of value to the
>         openEHR community as a whole and that is the most important
>         aspect than if I charge money to use the service. As I
>         mentioned, this is an open source development and the fee is
>         to maintain infrastructure and allow further development of
>         the tool. Without this support the project will just die,
>         since it is just me designing and developing, staying up late
>         at night, using my weekends to work on the project, etc. and
>         it has been that way since 2009 when I started with my first
>         PoC for an openEHR backend. Please consider this and I ask for
>         a little understanding. Thanks.
>         On Mon, Dec 26, 2016 at 2:22 AM, Pablo Pazos
>         <pablo.pazos at <mailto:pablo.pazos at>>
>         wrote:
>             Dear friends,
>             I'm about to launch the Cloud EHRServer, a clinical data
>             repository / health information system backend as a
>             service. I'm very excited about this, since I invested a
>             lot on the EHRServer development and now it seems natural
>             to take this next step to make further development
>             sustainable in time.
>             This SaaS is based on the EHRServer, the first open source
>             openEHR clinical data repository, I've been developing for
>             the last years. The development and maintenance of the
>             EHRServer will continue in parallel to the Cloud EHRServer.
>             There are two big use cases for this kind of service. One
>             is to serve as a backend of clinical information systems
>             that need to access the same data e.g. web and mobile
>             apps. The other use case is to centralize shared clinical
>             information, generated by different systems, accessible in
>             a standardized way.
>             For the first phase of the Cloud EHRServer we will only
>             accept sign-ups for the Beta Partners Program, a reduced
>             group of people / companies that want to use the service,
>             participate on its improvement, and grow with us.
>             The cost of participation in the Beta Partners Program
>             will be 25USD/mo with options for 6 or 12 months. This is
>             be like a medium sized plan but without any restrictions,
>             do you don't have to worry about quotas during prototyping
>             and testing. This will help us to maintain the
>             infrastructure and scale on the first year, while
>             developing some features of the current roadmap to v1.0
>             The Beta Partners will receive training, premium support,
>             early access to guides and new releases of the EHRServer,
>             access to online events, will be able to propose new
>             features and vote to prioritize them, to help the service
>             move towards the needs of the community.
>             The current status of the EHRServer is that we are about
>             to launch v0.9 that will be production-ready, and we
>             already have a production server in place with HTTPS
>             working. The EHRServer was in the cloud for more than 12
>             months on a staging server, and we have about 300
>             registered users, between testers and students of my
>             courses (
>             <>). We will have 2
>             staging servers alongside the production one.
>             Next week I will launch the official Website with more
>             information, the sign-up form for the Beta Partners
>             Program and some initial guides. On the first days of
>             January the production server will be enabled for use. For
>             now if you want to know more please fill the contact form:
>    <>
>             Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks
>             a lot for your support!
>             Kind regards,
>             Pablo.
>             -- 
>             Ing. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez
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>             Skype: cabolabs
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