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Thu Dec 29 00:47:29 EST 2016

Agree with Ian...

I think the correct approach is that open source software can be openly 
announced, after all, in some sense it is a gift to the community. Open 
source offerings are permanently represented under the Tools menu 
<> on the website. For 
commercial activities, including those that use open source, there is 
the Industry partners programme, which leads to vendors being 
represented here on the website <>.

There are undoubtedly better ways to announce and present these kinds of 
information, and as ever, suggestions to do so are welcome.

- thomas

On 28/12/2016 17:13, Ian McNicoll wrote:
> First of all best wishes to everyone in 2017 and congratulations to 
> Pablo.
> For clarification, the Announce list is indeed for Foundation use 
> only, and we would generally discourage postings of a commercial 
> nature on these lists.
> Having said that, I think we can cut Pablo, and other similar 
> community projects, a little slack.  I'd just ask posters to try to 
> keep the commercial aspects of any similar announcement e.g. any fees/ 
> conditions, out of the main post and just put in a link for those who 
> want to purse it.
> And, of course anyone who is moving into a more commercial space, 
> might want to consider becoming an Industry partner and taking 
> advantage of the new 'Micro Startup' rates 
> !! That allows us to give your 
> project/company much more visibility on the openEHR site and access to 
> the Industry News page.
> Ian
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