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Op 29-12-2016 om 6:47 schreef Thomas Beale:
> Agree with Ian...
> I think the correct approach is that open source software can be 
> openly announced, after all, in some sense it is a gift to the 
> community. Open source offerings are permanently represented under the 
> Tools menu <> on the 
> website. For commercial activities, including those that use open 
> source, there is the Industry partners programme, which leads to 
> vendors being represented here on the website 
> <>.

Hi Thomas, I am not sure about my position in this.

> There are undoubtedly better ways to announce and present these kinds 
> of information, and as ever, suggestions to do so are welcome.
But thanks for the invitation to reply.

I think there must be more communication between the openehr-community 
and what happens on the market (non-commercial as also commercial)

So I agree with you that there should be an announcement list for open 
source projects, new releases, features, etc.
You wrote that on an other email today.

I have a question about the industry-partner announcements.
Does the current structure not have an announcement space for industry 
partners? I could not find such a space.
I can imagine that industry partners would like to have an opportunity 
to present their (new) products/versions to the communities, because 
that is where they are often aiming to sell.
To avoid spamming by industry partners on such a list, the email-traffic 
could be restricted, only once a month, for example.

And I would favor a reconsideration of the fee-price for industry 
partners, I think especially for startups or individual partners, the 
price is too high, especially for the first year..
I think, there will be more partners attracted to try a business, 
especially when they have an announcement-list to present their 
commercial ideas.

To my idea, it would be good for the foundation to support as many 
interested parties as possible in finding their way in the openehr 

Best regards

> There are undoubtedly better ways to announce and present these kinds 
> of information, and as ever, suggestions to do so are welcome.
> - thomas
> On 28/12/2016 17:13, Ian McNicoll wrote:
>> First of all best wishes to everyone in 2017 and congratulations to 
>> Pablo.
>> For clarification, the Announce list is indeed for Foundation use 
>> only, and we would generally discourage postings of a commercial 
>> nature on these lists.
>> Having said that, I think we can cut Pablo, and other similar 
>> community projects, a little slack.  I'd just ask posters to try to 
>> keep the commercial aspects of any similar announcement e.g. any 
>> fees/ conditions, out of the main post and just put in a link for 
>> those who want to purse it.
>> And, of course anyone who is moving into a more commercial space, 
>> might want to consider becoming an Industry partner and taking 
>> advantage of the new 'Micro Startup' rates 
>> !! That allows us to give your 
>> project/company much more visibility on the openEHR site and access 
>> to the Industry News page.
>> Ian
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