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Thu Dec 29 11:10:48 EST 2016

On 29/12/2016 10:50, Bert Verhees wrote:
> Op 29-12-2016 om 6:47 schreef Thomas Beale:
>> Agree with Ian...
>> I think the correct approach is that open source software can be 
>> openly announced, after all, in some sense it is a gift to the 
>> community. Open source offerings are permanently represented under 
>> the Tools menu <> on 
>> the website. For commercial activities, including those that use open 
>> source, there is the Industry partners programme, which leads to 
>> vendors being represented here on the website 
>> <>.
> Hi Thomas, I am not sure about my position in this.
>> There are undoubtedly better ways to announce and present these kinds 
>> of information, and as ever, suggestions to do so are welcome.
> But thanks for the invitation to reply.
> I think there must be more communication between the openehr-community 
> and what happens on the market (non-commercial as also commercial)
> So I agree with you that there should be an announcement list for open 
> source projects, new releases, features, etc.
> You wrote that on an other email today.
> I have a question about the industry-partner announcements.
> Does the current structure not have an announcement space for industry 
> partners? I could not find such a space.

'News' section, middle of the front page. Any item with a 'factory' icon 
is industry generated content. All industry partners can produce 
announcements there. Not saying this is the best possible system, it's 
just the current system.

> I can imagine that industry partners would like to have an opportunity 
> to present their (new) products/versions to the communities, because 
> that is where they are often aiming to sell.
> To avoid spamming by industry partners on such a list, the 
> email-traffic could be restricted, only once a month, for example.
> And I would favor a reconsideration of the fee-price for industry 
> partners, I think especially for startups or individual partners, the 
> price is too high, especially for the first year..

well, one has to ask what is a minimum level of business to be doing as 
a commercial vendor. €0.5m? €1m p.a.? The bronze level of membership is 
€1000 p.a. This seems pretty minimal to me in the overall scheme of 
things. Does the vendor obtain value from openEHR - specifications, open 
source software etc? Is the openEHR IP worth 1-2 days' work, which is 
what €1000 equates to? If it's worth less than that, probably it's not 
providing them any real value.

The micro startup is €650 p.a. This is the cost of 1 day's work to a 
company. If openEHR is not worth that to a startup, then I'd say they 
have not yet started up ...

> I think, there will be more partners attracted to try a business, 
> especially when they have an announcement-list to present their 
> commercial ideas.

Agree with that. We are looking into some alternatives.

> To my idea, it would be good for the foundation to support as many 
> interested parties as possible in finding their way in the openehr 
> communities.


- thomas

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