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Thu Dec 29 19:05:47 EST 2016

You are right, Thomas, I did not realize that, sorry for that. I was
referring to the remark of Diego. I think he should reply to this question.

But there is something I would like to have.

I would like an announcement list where free and/or open source tooling
would have a place.

Diego published some weeks ago some Snomed related efforts, but he had no
chance then to mingle it in some discussion.
I think, what he really wanted, but I might be wrong, let him correct me,
that he would like to make an announcement about this softtware, which is
not open source. I think that building that software is too much effort for
him to give it away, but it could be a candidate for some form of
commercial success or maybe not.

For this kind of software, build by someone who is not really representing
an enterprise, which is beneficial to the community, next to open source,
an announcement list would be nice.

The difference with a news page, or a download page is that an announcement
list is pushed into the community. So this list should not replace the
download-list, but be something new in addition to the download list.

A lot of words,  I hope the idea is clear.


Op 29 dec. 2016 17:34 schreef "Thomas Beale" <thomas.beale at>:

> Bert,
> I'm not clear what you mean. As far as I know, the website lists all open
> source and free things, even if they are not open source (e.g. Template
> Designer and LinkEHR). What products / projects are you referring to?
> - thomas
> On 29/12/2016 16:27, Bert Verhees wrote:
>> I found the question of Diego very interesting, you help the community by
>> bringing them in contact with a great and free product, but not open source.
>> Bert
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