Better approach for announcements, forums?

Karsten Hilbert Karsten.Hilbert at
Fri Dec 30 07:22:47 EST 2016

On Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 01:14:17PM +0100, Bert Verhees wrote:

> Important is the push-effect. I read the openehr mailing list because it is
> pushed to me. Else I would not read it.
> Sorry for that, but my days are very filled up, it is easy to not do
> something.
> I am a member of some forums, became a member because I needed some advice,
> and there are people on a forum posting all day.
> But as soon as my business on a forum is done, I forget to go there.


Again, for announcements (which started this thread) a
forum/"marketplace" may be fine, even better if it can push
posts to subscribers. OTOH, that's exactly the place where
Karl's insight into marketing really does matter ...

Also, such an announcement list is typically read-only
(answers are not really to be expected).

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