EHR Archetype for Recording a patient's death

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Wed Feb 3 05:18:10 EST 2016

Hi there,

In our operative note document we have a data element to record the 
decease of a patient during a surgical operation. At our first try, we 
modelled "time of death" as a single Element to make it fit into a 
particulare section on the document. However, it feels wrong as I think 
that the death of a patient is a concept on its own that will be reused 
in many scenarios and that might need further data elements. In the CKM, 
there is only the death data archetype (which is a CLUSTER in the 
Demographic Model) which is not feasible for our use-case.

Is there a reason why such a prominent concept as "death" has not been 
modeled as EHR archetype?


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