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I read reactions that indicate that sometimes you seem to model reality from the point of view of the living subject, the Subject of Care.
And other times you seem to model statements by an author irrespective of the reality the SoC is in.

In the world of EHR’s I (and the method called SIAMM) take the point of view that the EHR is about documenting statements by an author about a subject of care.
These statements are subjective and not necessarily represent the real state of the SoC; it is a subjective statement that is real and true for the author only at that point in time.

The Date of Birth and Date of Death in the demographics are therefor subjective statements documented by an author at that point it time,
A SoC with a DoB and not a DoD is supposed to be alive.

You must decide what you are modeling using archetypes.

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> On 5 jan. 2016, at 09:03, Karsten Hilbert <Karsten.Hilbert at> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 07:19:19AM +0000, Heather Leslie wrote:
>> The notion of a patient being alive is only possible while they are in the room with you. As soon as they walk out the door they could drop dead.
>> So this adds a further complication. From a pure modelling point of view:
>> *         the only reliable status is to record if a patient is dead, maybe alongside date of death, cause of death etc - ie the archetype of death that contains clinically relevant data!
>> *         for querying  -  if the patient is not recorded as being known as dead or deceased, then we assume either the patient is still alive or that their status is unknown.
>> I suspect that the reality is that many current systems do have an alive vs dead  status of some sort - would anyone like to confirm or deny?
> GNUmed models
> 	date-of-birth
> 	date-of-death
> and assums alive while the latter is NULL. Heuristics shows a
> warning when the difference goes beyond 130 years.
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