Alive vs Dead

Grahame Grieve grahame at
Tue Jan 5 15:01:43 EST 2016

 Hi Tom

>    -
>    hL7v2 messages indicate changes of state in things; and I think will
>    be mainly ADT oriented, i.e. correspond to the administrative change to the
>    openEHR demographic data
>    - FHIR's view is a query - meaning depends on what resource it is
>    coming from; it could be administrative or clinical event (Grahame?)
yes. administrative, completely aligned with earlier HL7 content, which is
all administrative.
I've heard some talk about doing death report as a profile on CDA
occasionally, but CDC are now looking at using FHIR as part of
rationalising their process for death notification reporting. But this is
just a variation on a clinical event summary, with a complicated
composition process with multiple different authors and attestation thrown

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