Specifications Committee meeting Feb 2016 - have your say

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at openehr.org
Fri Jan 8 11:03:56 EST 2016

There will be a SEC (Specifications Editorial Committee 
<http://www.openehr.org/programs/specification/editorialcommittee>) face 
to face meeting in Stockholm 11 and 12 February. This will do its usual 
work of considering next releases, processing Problem Reports (PRs), 
Change Requests, and anything else to do with the openEHR specifications 
(e.g. documentation, publishing, UML etc).

If you have raised issues (PRs) about specific problems in 
specifications, they will be dealt with, but you may have other issues 
that you would like the SEC to look at. This could be about anything - 
release frequency, questions you have etc.

Such suggestions can be requested for the SEC meeting agenda on this 
the heading 'Agenda Suggestions'.

- thomas

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