two level modeling

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Sat Jan 16 06:27:07 EST 2016

Just an idea, about concept and marketing.

Years ago (in 2011), I created the Dutch OpenEHR lemma in Wikipedia.

It was quite difficult, the struggle to get it published, the Dutch 
wikipedia-organization found it too specialistic and to hard to 
understand for many people.
It costed me some effort to get it published, and I made some drawings, 
that helped.

Allthough the term twolevelmodeling is understandable for people who 
know what it is.
Once it is explained, one can understand why it is called like that.

But another feature of two-level modeling is that the user is in the 
middle (central), while in single level modeling the developer in the 
middle (central) is.
(see the drawings)

So, a better word for twolevelmodeling, a word which one can understand 
without explaining would be:
user-central-modeling, easier to remember also.

Have a nice weekend

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