concept maps (Cmaps) for archetyping?

Tony Shannon tony.shannon at
Sun Jan 24 11:48:08 EST 2016

thanks Tom

Have you contacted the authors to make them aware of openEHR?
Seems like they've made a lot of effort ...
Interestingly their Observe/Orient/Decide/Act model is in essence very
similar to the same generic process model that underpins the openEHR
reference model..Observations/Evaluations/Instructions/Actions..
So close and yet so far.. they need pointing to openEHR.


On 24 January 2016 at 10:17, Thomas Beale <thomas.beale at> wrote:

> this group of researchers appears to have created an approach to modelling
> health information using something a bit more powerful than mindmaps. They
> seem to know about CDA but not openEHR.
> - thomas
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