concept maps (Cmaps) for archetyping?

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Sun Jan 24 16:32:54 EST 2016

It's not surprising that they didn't know about openEHR, based on their
paper and listed references they don't appear to have done much of a
literature  search.


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Without wanting to be too critical, not having read their work in detail,
they may not be experienced in health since they have not distinguished
Orders (what we call Instructions) from Actions performed, which is pretty
basic. Also they seem to treat Diagnosis as the main outcome /next step of
Observation, but as we all know a proper 'diagnosis' is just one of a number
of possible types of assessment. A lot of health orders and actions occur
before an actual diagnosis is made.

- thomas

On 24/01/2016 16:48, Tony Shannon wrote:
> thanks Tom
> Have you contacted the authors to make them aware of openEHR?
> Seems like they've made a lot of effort ...
> Interestingly their Observe/Orient/Decide/Act model is in essence very 
> similar to the same generic process model that underpins the openEHR 
> reference model..Observations/Evaluations/Instructions/Actions..
> So close and yet so far.. they need pointing to openEHR.
> regards,
> Tony

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