Shouldn't INSTRUCTION_DETAILS.wf_details be archetypable?

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Tue Jul 12 20:15:09 EDT 2016

Hi Pablo,
Since wf_details is ITEM_STRUCTURE, then yes it can be archetyped. Just because the AE doesn't support it does not change this fact. As is this case in many software projects, functionality in the AE was built on as needed basis so I would suggest that no one has needed it to date. Since the AE was almost 100% contributed by Ocean Informatics, the priorities around "as needed" was evaluated by Ocean. However, the AE is open source so others can add their own capabilities if they desire.


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Subject: Shouldn't INSTRUCTION_DETAILS.wf_details be archetypable?

Looking at the model, INSTRUCTION_DETAILS.wf_details is an ITEM_STRUCTURE, and that lead me to think that should be archetypable.

Playing around with the archetype editor, it doesn't allow to archetype anything inside INSTRUCTION.instruction_details.

Is this a problem of the AE or that structure is not meant to be archetyped?

If it is not meant to be archetyped, wouldn't that be an issue for querying?


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