FW: INTERVAL_EVENT questions about the correctness of the specs

pablo pazos pazospablo at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 16 23:57:54 EDT 2016

I'm preparing some materials for a course and I was reviewing the HISTORY/EVENT package.
On the INTERVAL_EVENT field descriptions I noted that those might not be 100% correct or clear. Before raising an issue on JIRA I wanted to know what you think.
INTERVAL_EVENT.width: Length of the interval during which the state
was true.
- since state can be modeled in two ways, inside the OBSERVATION and inside the EVENT, I think the description should not include the "during which the state was true" since not every instance will have a state in the EVENT.

INTERVAL_EVENT.math_function: Mathematical function of the data of this
event, e.g. “maximum”, “mean” etc. Coded
using openEHR Terminology group “event
math function”.
- my interpretation of that is we use that function to summarize a list of numeric values into one value to be recorded. The problem I see is: this only works if the observation is numeric. I think we need to make the description clearer about what the function is, how should be used and also what is the domain / range of that function (maybe say that only applies to datatypes from the quantity package).
- another possible issue (not sure about this) is that the EVENT.data is a structure, so we can have many data points there, on that case, how is the math_function related to all the data points? What happens if one data point is the "max" value and other the "avg", we have just one math_function and 2 data points.

Kind regards,
Eng. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez
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