Question about INSTRUCTION.wf_definition modeling

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Fri Jun 17 16:07:41 EDT 2016

Hi I'm reviewing the specs and testing the AE to model instructions.
I'm wondering if the wf_definition should be set at design time in the AE or Template Designer, or if it should be set at runtime by an application.
>From the 1.0.2 specs: "The entire definition of a workflow is expressed as an optional parsable string, in the wf_definition:
DV_PARSABLE attribute of the INSTRUCTION class. Any syntax may currently be used. A workflow
syntax is under development by the openEHR Foundation, which is designed to incorporate the relevant
features of current workflow models and research, while integrating it into the openEHR type
system and archetype framework. In particular, early versions of this syntax will show how patient
data access and service commands can be expressed."
Do we have a definition of ah workflow syntax? Is that part of GDL or should be a different spec?

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