More generic reference model

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Thu Sep 1 03:54:57 EDT 2016


I am just wondering if there are some opinions about this.

Do we still need the not so generic reference model which OpenEhr has, 
with archetypes denoting Observation, Evaluation etc?

Wouldn't a more  generic reference model, like ISO13606 be sufficient, 
when the terminology, worldwide, is moving to SNOMED-CT?

Because the SNOMED-concepts already indicate in which hierarchy a 
data-item belongs (clinical finding, procedure, body structure, etc), 
and with much more detail then the OpenEHR reference model.

When using SNOMED in OpenEHR there will be redundant information 
created, and to not create redundant information is one of the main 
golden rules in system design.

I think the reference model design needs reconsideration. It comes from 
a time when there was no SNOMED-CT.

Thanks for any thoughts.


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