More generic reference model

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Fri Sep 2 10:49:25 EDT 2016

I would be interested to see a) developer code for a 100 event time 
series of BP with no dedicated structures, just hierarchy + SNOMED and 
b) a query to find systolic BPs over 165 that persist for more than 10 
mins in that same series. They're both doable, but they will be harder.

- thomas

On 01/09/2016 03:20, Bert Verhees wrote:
> Thank you for your reply, Diego.
> But it does not solve the problem I see: the problem of redundant 
> information.
> We are stating in an archetype that we are doing an observation on 
> blood pressure, and we state that again using SNOMED and LOINC. LOINC 
> to define the observation and SNOMED to support the 
> observation-result-definition.
> As I am informed, that is the way interoperability is going. I don't 
> understand the usefulness of the the observation-entry-type as defined 
> in OpenEHR from this point of view.
> Except from redundancy, there may also be a problem of not using the 
> potential of SNOMED.
> I am not sure about all this, but maybe there is also, when used a 
> more generic solution, advantage when querying.
> When knowing the path to a SNOMED or LOINC coding, then hierarchical 
> querying over AQL becomes possible.

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