Archetype for pain scale (VAS)

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Hi Pekka,

As per Ian and Silje’s comments the CLUSTER.symptom-pain in the NEHTA CKM (actually the Australian Digital Health Agency now!) is out of date. Pain VAS is now managed within the CLUSTER.symptom_sign archetype that has been reviewed and published.

In addition there are a few standalone pain-related instruments/scores/scales that have been added to the international CKM in the past week or so, proposed by a colleague in Argentina. So if you are actually looking for scales to record pain out of the context of a symptom, eg as part of an OBS chart then these might also be useful for consideration, especially the ‘Oucher’. They are modelled as OBSERVATIONs as they are frequently used as standalone clinical assessments.

·         Comfort behaviour scale -

·         Critical care pain observation tool (CPOT) -

·         Hannallah Objective Pain Scale (OPS) -

·         Oucher pain scale -



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Hi all,

Looking for an archetype for recording VAS scale. Searching suggested that there used to be a CLUSTER.Symptom-pain [Pain symptom] archetype in the international CKM.

I could only find it from the NEHTA CKM but not from the international one. Any thoughts on this?



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