Normal range/reference ranges for text data type

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On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 11:27:18AM +0000, Bakke, Silje Ljosland wrote:

> We're working on requirements for labs results, and have
> bumped into a potential problem. Some results are
> textual/non-quantitative in nature, for example
> "positive/negative", "+/++/+++",
> "negative/borderline/positive". These results also need a
> kind of "normal range" for the receiving system to be able to
> mark or emphasise it in the UI. The text data type however
> doesn't have any normal range/reference ranges attributes in
> the reference model like the quantity, count and ordinal data
> types do. We can't have several different places where the
> normality information is kept for different data types, as
> this would be very complex to handle. How should this be
> handled?

Often, the lab will provide a field denoting in-rangeness of
such results. Other than that, a human on the receiving side
may have to manually set the property when reviewing /
paraphing the result.

Some programmatic smarts can be added to applications to
auto-set the property to "not-any-known-normal" where
"known-normal" consists of a suitably restricted regular
expression defined per test type.

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