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OBSERVATION (for all observed phenomena,including mechanically or manually
measured, and responses in interview)

My interpretation is automatic calculations are included in "mechanically


EVALUATION (for assessments, diagnoses, plans, risks, recommendations)

I don't see an evaluation in the execution of a numeric formula, but I can
see it in the recording of an evaluation in terms of the result of
executing the formula. Similar case the calculation of the mean systolic BP
based on a series of events = 140 mmHg (is OBS), and stating "high BP" or
"hypertension" is EV).

On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 3:55 AM, Bert Verhees <bert.verhees at> wrote:

> Op 10-4-2017 om 8:52 schreef GF:
>> I would say one needs both:
>> Evaluation: when calculating by the author the BMI-number using existing
>> weight/height data
>> Observation: when reading/copying by the author aa a BMI-result from a
>> source
> Also a good argument ;-)
> A good solution would then be, put it in a cluster, so it can be sticked
> into whatever is right for the situation.
> Bert
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