Bert Verhees bert.verhees at
Wed Apr 12 06:28:48 EDT 2017

Op 12-4-2017 om 12:01 schreef Ian McNicoll:
> Having said that, my understanding is that SNOMED are very willing to 
> be generous in terms of vendor/org level licensing in such a situation.
I know that they have a license for organizations in a country which is 
a non-member.
And for one organization, this is mostly not very expensive.
I am not sure about the exact price, but I remember that it was 
something around 1000 Euro a year, and there are special arrangements 
for organizations which are in poor countries, or academical purposes.

But if the organization uses their software in/together with other 
organizations, like hospitals (f.e. a laboratory-organization), then the 
hospitals also profit from SNOMED, and also need a license, when they 
are in non-member-country.
And then the total costs can become too high.

A political solution for SNOMED would make it more useful, like being 
governed by the WHO, or something like that. I think and hope this won't 
take long to happen.

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