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Dear William,

I persist.
Questions -> LOINC
Answers   -> SNOMED
Check with Stan Huff for the opinion of CIMI

Yes, SNOMED has Observable entities attached to a ‘value’.
It is used in the leaf-node (ELEMENT)

Other nodes in Archetypes (all other structural classes like COMPOSITION,  SECTION, ENTRY, CLUSTER) had better use LOINC.

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> On 25 Apr 2017, at 11:51, William Goossen <wgoossen at> wrote:
> Many questions are in SNOMEDCT eg observable entities 
> Many answers are in LOINC, in particular the answers to questions for assessment scales.
> ISO TS 13972 gives careful guidelines to choose the precise code from any code system for both questions and answers.
> The blunt this does A and that does B will prove impossible for many concepts and I see no move to 100% redo SnomedCT nor LOINC (because it is unnecessary).
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