Some persistent compos are event in the CKM

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Tue Aug 15 04:55:59 EDT 2017

The RM has been changed (see and the change will be 
included in the next release 1.0.4, for which we will determine a date 
at the SEC meeting end of this month.

I would suggest that the archetypes be reverted to 'persistent' at some 
point soon after that.

- thomas

On 08/07/2017 03:02, Heather Leslie wrote:
> Hi Pablo,
> This is a longstanding issue and workaround.
> See the last paragraph in 'Use' for each of the COMPOSITIONS that 
> theoretically should be persistent but have been modelled as an event:
> /"This archetype is usually managed as a persistent list, however 
> there are situations where the list may be used within episodic care 
> and require additional attributes such as context etc to enable 
> accurate recording. The openEHR reference model currently only allows 
> context to be recorded within Event-based COMPOSITION archetypes. As a 
> result, this archetype has been modelled as an Event, rather than 
> Persistent, COMPOSITION, to allow for flexibility so that some 
> clinical systems can safely manage Problem lists for episodes of care, 
> while others will choose to implement this COMPOSITION to act in a 
> persistent manner."/
> Until there is a change in the RM to cater for this use case we are a 
> bit stuck!
> Regards

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